Exploring The Magic of a Free Love Tarot Reading

You’re searching. You’re unsure. You need help, but you don’t know which way to turn. You wonder if there might be someone out there for you, someone to complete you. Maybe you’re plain shy. But everywhere you look for help and advice, you receive mixed signals — or none at all.

Love Tarot Readings can help you find your own way to true love, and help you keep that true love once you find it. Tarot Love Readings let you tap into your feelings, below the surface where the source of your confusion lies. All you need is someone skilled in the Art, Science, and Mystery of the cards, someone that’s willing and able to understand your longings, someone to guide you across the “Great Sea of Understanding to the City of the Pyramids.”

Who Needs Tarot Card Readings?

tarot-cardsNot everyone can benefit from reading this article, or from Tarot itself. Close-minded people, timid people, people afraid to confront certain unusual phenomenon that transcend language, time, and space won’t get much out of it.

People that take themselves too seriously are unlikely to get much out of free Tarot Card readings, because they’re unable to let down their guard and enjoy the process. They’re never very interested in anything that lies below the thin veneer of our day-to-day thoughts. These deeper feelings and desires, that our ancestors felt more deeply and consulted more regularly, must be acknowledged and confronted if you’re going to get any benefit from any insight that Tarot Card readings can give.

Tarot Is A Happy Process

There’s an element of joy in this material. If you’re not willing to release yourself enough to enjoy life, to feel emotions to the fullest, this short guide and Tarot probably isn’t for you. Like an exercise in trust, you must give yourself over to the process, and allow your energy to join the energy that can be released by the cards. Only then will you be ready to receive the information that the cards can offer.

What Is The Tarot?

The Tarot is an ancient method for divining information that cannot be seen without the aid of a deck of cards. The cards aren’t magic. They’re simply pictograms with titles that represent various concepts. Tarot is a system, a method of dealing cards out in the presence of the participants in order to reveal information and feelings that otherwise would remain unseen. By interpreting the meaning behind the order of the cards, and especially the reaction of the participants to that order, insights can be found into thorny questions.

A Little History

Scholars have traced the divination of unseen events using playing cards as far back as 1540, when The Oracles Of Francesco Marcolini da Forli was written, but of course they must have been in use much earlier if the method was well known enough to be written down. After The Oracles, various other references to the method can be found all over Europe, including from the great lover Giacomo Casanova, who learned of the power of the Tarot when he watched his Russian mistress using her deck of cards for divination.

Fortune Tellers Need Not Apply

The actual origins of the Tarot are thought to be much more ancient than any written reference shows, of course, because they are the fruits of ancient Egyptian Theology, gathered around the worship of Isis and Osiris. The French Freemason Antoine Court de Gebelin believed that the word Tarot was made from the Egyptian words Tar, which means path, and Ro, meaning royal. He believed that Tarot literally meant an attempt to find the secret to Royal Road of Life. It’s not “fortune telling.” The Tarot cards are a means for you to discover your higher self.

How Can The Tarot Help You?

Tarot Card readings can help you in two different ways. You can experience a Question Reading, where a specific problem that’s been troubling you is examined thoroughly. If you’re willing to do a bit of self-examination, Question Readings can bring out underlying feelings and help you to find solutions to nagging problems.

Open Readings help the participant with general aspects of life, and potential changes, more than specific happenings. Maybe it’s your health, your job, where you live or what you do with your time that might be read and interpreted, but Open Readings work best if you’re relaxed and open to a wide range of topics and emotions. It really shouldn’t be too specific.

Who Performs Tarot Card Readings?

Tarot card readers use many different sets of cards, along with many methods of interpreting the meaning of the cards as they’re laid out. While there’s a good bit of knowledge necessary to read each card, know what it represents, and determine what the order and the placement of the cards means to the participant, you don’t need to be a psychic to read the cards. Good Tarot Card readers know their stuff, but the best readers know how to ask the participant the right questions to release the feelings and information that will bring the meaning of the cards in context to light.

Love Tarot Reading

Which Love Related Questions Can A Tarot Card Reading Help Answer?

laying-the-cardsBefore you have a Tarot Card Reading about love, think a little bit about whether you have particular questions about certain things, or whether you’d like to examine your general hopes, dreams, and desires instead. By focusing on general or specific topics, you can ask your Tarot reader for either an Open Reading or a Question reading.

Perhaps you have specific questions. Is he right for me? Why doesn’t he know how much I love him? How can I light a fire under our sex life? Bottom line: are we right for each other? These and many other similar questions can be explored fully during a Question Reading with a skilled reader.

More general questions might be things like: Will my love life turn around soon? Am I doing something wrong that’s driving men away? Why don’t women know I exist? Do I have a soul mate? These can be explored more fully during an open reading.

Which Cards And Spreads Are Relevant To Questions Of Love?

There’s a dizzying array of choices for designs of Tarot Cards. Different Tarot readers prefer one deck over another, and if you become a regular Tarot participant you might find that one deck suits you better than another, and puts you at ease so you can fully enjoy yourself. The most important thing is that the reader be highly skilled at their chosen deck. The most common deck today is the Rider-Waite deck. Another deck in wide use is the Thoth deck, designed by Aleister Crowley.

The Rider Waite deck is organized first by Major and Minor Arcana. You’ll see cars like The Priestess, The Emperor, The Lovers, Justice, Death, The Devil, The Sun, and The World among the Major Arcana.

The Minor Arcana are composed of Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles. The Minor arcane modify the Major, the Major Trumps the Minor. A skilled Tarot reader knows what they mean in the order they appear in.

Love Tarot Reading spreads can encompass anything from a few cards to a whole deck, but in general, there are four common spreads you’re likely to see for matters of love:

Five Card Spread
Mirror Spread
The Celtic Cross
The Relationship Spread

The Five Card Spread is very direct and is especially useful for narrowly drawn questions, because the fourth card explores the motive of the participant to ask the direct question.

The Celtic Cross is very common for all types of readings, and is also great for general questions about love. It’s more involved than the Five Card Spread, though.

The Relationship Spread is great for questions about existing relationships because it explores two people apart, and then sees what might link them together.

The Mirror Spread is considered best for existing relationships, but a willing participant and a skilled reader can use it for new entanglements as well.

Evaluating Online Tarot Sites Offering Computer-Generated Free Readings

The Internet has made the automation and outsourcing of mundane tasks into something of a science. You can do your taxes, find a flight and book a hotel room, search for an address, and many other useful things. But a machine, which is all your computer is, can’t substitute for a person, especially a skilled and empathetic person. A Tarot reading isn’t an eye chart like you’d see when you’re renewing your driver’s license. It’s a series of guided questions, informed by both emotion and intellect. It’s a process between two people. There’s really no way that any automated program can be produced that thinks, never mind feels. Internet sites that offer free Tarot readings are just the equivalent of asking a Magic Eight Ball questions and amusing yourself with the answers. There’s no help or insight from one half of the equation.

Can I Learn To Lay Tarot Cards For Myself?

Tarot cards, like anything that involves knowledge, can be learned. It’s common for people that enjoy Tarot and gain valuable insights into their thoughts and feelings at Tarot readings to wonder if they might not be able to begin to read the cards themselves – and then to read them for themselves.

Reading Tarot Cards for others can be a fulfilling experience for both parties, and learning an ancient, complex, and interesting school of knowledge can be rewarding, but it’s a mistake to think you’ll be able to have the same success with reading cards for yourself that you’d have with a Tarot reader. There’s a reason why a person can tickle another person, but can’t tickle themselves. The process of give and take with another person is essential if any true examination of your feelings is going to happen.

Benefits Of A REAL Tarot Reading Given By An Experienced Tarot Reader

If you rely on yourself alone, or try to get some meaning from an interaction with some automated series of questions and answers online, you’re likely to avoid asking yourself the probing questions you need to address to get the most from a skilled Tarot Reading. That’s because it’s human nature to fib to ourselves about all sorts of private things. It’s only when we bring them to the surface and examine them openly that we can deal with them fully. It’s not impossible to do by yourself, but if people didn’t need outside help, then why would we ever publish another diet book? Why can’t everyone quit smoking, cold turkey? There’s a reason we seek wisdom and guidance outside ourselves. Everyone needs a friend, a guide, a confidante, a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on once in a while.

An experienced Tarot reader knows what the cards mean to you, the instant they fall, and can guide you through the reading every step of the way to ensure you’re really finding out the answers to the questions that are on your mind.

Benefits Of Online Love Tarot Readings

Like Tarot itself, the Internet is neither good nor bad. It’s just a tool. Whether it’s useful or not is up to you. Once thing the Internet is fantastic for is allowing us to find things at great distances that we never would even know existed, and at any time of the night or day, too. The great thing about online Tarot readings is that you can do them whenever you want to. It’s often when we’re alone and isolated that things begin to weigh on our minds. But instead of worrying, or wishing, or wondering about some aspect of your life that’s got you puzzled, you can do something about it before you give up and push it into the back of your mind. Address it while it’s fresh and you’d be more receptive to the answer.

Tarot Will Give You Back Everything You Put Into It, And More

So there you go. I hope this little guide to Love Tarot Reading was helpful and informative. Search your mind and see if you can’t find a question that’s been haunting you for some time. See if you think you can find a way to address it, out in the open, being completely honest with yourself, and maybe it will lead to an answer. If you’re ready to tell yourself the truth, you’re ready for Tarot. Give it a chance. Give yourself a chance to find out.

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