A Primer to Tarot Predictions & Card Meanings

As everyone knows, the online world has always been an amazing source for locating and tracking down free stuff. As you would expect, tarot card readings are no exception! There a lot of up and coming mediums out there utilizing the internet to help practice their craft and make a name for themselves. Offering the likes of free tarot predictions and card readings is a simple but effective method for helping bring in a customer base. You can take advantage of this fully by getting your own free readings at literally any number of websites. There are many services along these lines.

You have to give some leeway on how detailed the readings will be. These services are free after all, so the expectations must be realistic. It may also serve you to know a bit about what some key tarot cards actually mean before going in. A basic list to help get you started can be found below. As you do further research, you will be able to maximize the usefulness of the revelations you may find during a free tarot prediction service.


Card 1) The Fool

The fool is crucial to any tarot deck. This card can be seen as a point of origin wherein everything is put into motion. When venturing into any endeavor, you are basically “the fool,” but it is not as bad as it sounds. It is a state of perhaps not knowing exactly what is coming, and a blank state. The first steps in any endeavor are obviously key to the ultimate outcome. In tarot, this card equates to the secret behind any large movement. It encompasses one’s reserve of unfulfilled potential. It is neither negative or positive as is, but could go either way.

The fool can also be seen as the untouched soul unsure of its destiny or place in the world. Passers by might recognize the individual as a fool, but if he or she can ignore that and move on, they can move past that and begin to fulfill the previously mentioned potential. The ignorance of their greater purpose and the world around them is what warrants the title “the fool,” but that can always change. The fool might not remain as such for very long.

Card 2) Death

Here is a daunting one. Everyone fears death to some degree. It is only natural. What does the related tarot card mean however? Is it truly as ominous as it would seem? The card itself is generally portrayed by a black suit of armor riding atop a powerful horse. However, as powerful and ominous as death may seem, this card should not be feared. Death is not something that occurs later. Death is occurring now, all around us. It is a depressing thought perhaps, but a realistic one. Everyone and everything is already dying, slowly but surely. One second at a time. It is a gradual transformation that begins at birth. Death is essential for changing the fool into the king.

Death should only be seen as a transition from one thing to the next. That is actually a quite elegant way to view death in every day life as well. Another common symbol on death cards is the river, which pertains to life itself. Just like a river, life flows on. The currents ultimately empty into the sea, where various particles are evaporated into clouds, which then rain and refill the river once more. There is no true destruction. Everything is a transformation, which is exactly what the death card relates to.

Card 3) The Magician

The magician is easily one of the more interesting and widely beloved cards in any tarot deck. This card represents a person’s unique individuality, power, and potential for changing the entire world around them through will alone. You can already see why this would be desired. The magician has the alluring ability to make something useful from absolutely nothing. They can be seen as a channel or filter through which a higher power delivers gifts such as inspiration, creativity, and ingenuity. You might think of sillier images like someone pulling rabbits from hats when you think of the magician, but this card is more about power and confidence than simple slight of hand trickery. If this card is drawn for your future, it is always a fantastic sign.

A real Tarot Deck offers you the chance to dive deep into your own psychic. I would highly recommend getting a real deck, instead of using playing cards. Or, get a reading online.

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